Night and Day: A Verse/Dada Olaoluwa

Night and day are brothers,both are gifts from the father. But my bond is with the night,even in the day.
     The night is for us, though not as prowlers. The day is for all, all of us as users.
     They toil in the night,many users of the day.They conquer all day,few who use the night. The night is a weapon, with which men of valour conquer their war and world.          
     Hence, my covenant with it.

About the author –
                                  – The editor
Many at times writers engenders an emblem of many lives- and only through their works is such know. This poem is immediately concerned with the complex duality of nature, their overreaching imposition and disposition to human beings. But there’s a strong tone of brevity by the poet, outlining human dangerous ‘romance ‘ with both darkness and light.
   This poem is different from “A Song Of Atonement .” Dada Olaoluwa has been engaged by different things. He received his formal education at Adekunle Ajasin University. He’s a critic, and he loves the theatre.