ReaderResponse: Provocative Thought on Class

If you ever ask your professor or even yourself why ‘are’ we talking aboutlass privilege? Can’t we just be human beings? Hear-that is exactly what Class privilege is, that you can ask that. Class doesn’t exist for you because it has never been a barrier. Underprivileged folks don’t have that. A poor guy on the street of Abuja or Lagos, doesn’t want to think about Class until he tries for a bank loan, until he goes to one of these religious establishments and he’s either removed to a tatty space or he gets tactically scolded for being who he is. So you even ask what poor means. You sure as hell have class privilege. So here is the joinder: so do you wonder if your class status will deprive you a sit at the front row of gathering at the Eagle Square? When you trek to a nice shop in the watermain part of Lagos, do you feel a lump in your throat about a possible dismissive attitude from rich shoppers?
Do you trouble that your children will not have books and school materials that are about people of their own Class? Or say even go to school at all? Tell me what you’ll tell yourself then, honestly.
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