Steady My Emotion

Steady my emotion
Like the ocean on a stary night
Like a tattered kite
In the breeze

Steady my emotion and let me be led into.
empty space filled with love
Let ocean of white blood snake out from my.
chest through Cupid pierced holes

Steady my emotion with fest
hoisted by Hector on the sea to Troy
And let even her gaze fix me to my voyage

Steady my emotion with the sonorous vocal of my minstrel
And let the Ville and hills answer his call
The meadows to their heels to heed

Steady my emotion as the string
effortlessly galloping down willing cracks and creeks
Steady my emotion like the sun ignoring man’s plea rolling out ages and seasons
Let us run not against the sun
For no man prevail at its expense

– Akeredolu Tope

The Poem, And The Author: Issues of self identity-emotion are germane in the present day dispensations and in this poem this revelation is achieved by a simple blending of varieties of genres-picaresque, romance, pastoral and so on. Literally, poetically, the poet equally transcends ordinary communication of message: as such, the various elements deployed in lines (such as alliteration of the “c” sound) achieve a form of linguistic independence as against a ‘linear’ expression which the Russian Formalists called ‘practical language.’ I’ll say this writer is aware and conscious of the popular culture in the way it is adequately portrayed in this poem. Akeredolu Tope obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in English from Adekunle Ajasin Univeristy. He is an unapologetic socio-literary, socio-political critic. He has also researched Kole Omotosho’s popular ‘faction’ Just Before Dawn


3 thoughts on “Steady My Emotion

  1. Steady My Emotion,Concise and easy to comprehend. A rich blend of words,Strong communication,can feel the connections between the poet,his message and me.
    Good write up from a great poet.

  2. Steady my emotion as the string
    effortlessly galloping down willing cracks and
    creeks…awesome I like dat,kudos sir!

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