Tolkien’s Goblin and Tosin Gbogi’s “goons and goblins”

greetings, yee goons and goblins
who fondle the testes of this land
prospecting for milk
and the oil of gods
bleeding from the placentre
of a dying delta

greetings, both the deaf and near-deaf
for whom the trumpet sound
is only a call to creation day
and for whom the swollen glands of this land
remain a hand of healing…

The poet is back again after much revelation in Tongues of a shattered s-k-y with what seem to be undeniably a trend of discourse in our nation’s political space, and as usual, with poetic exegesis fashioned with brilliant sophistication.
What strikes my mind in Tosin Gbogi’s latest exposition is the deployment of this word “goblin”and of authentic scholarly temper which is by all means concrete and dispassionately projected.
That Professor of Anglo-Saxon Literature, and creator of Middle Earth;a fictional world in itself borne out of actual experiences and places created this character and gave it essence or purpose. It is however interesting to see how closely connected these character actuation is despite Tolkiens dissimilarities; in time, culture and intention altogether. The poet rather presents a slightly different creative imagination that recognises the current predicaments of our society . His writing contemplates on contemporary, immediate tradition and culture of thievery, sore-licking and pontificating. “goons and goblins”, deaf and near-deaf” are depictions constantly projected for society reflection.
This realistic artist brings to focus once again the oddities and cruder aspects of our society overmuch. This “goons” are familiar and they are seemingly at odds with dreamed normalcy. These “goons and goblins” are the devotees, who gathers triumphantly around the “eucharistic table of unrelenting cup-gulp of “oil of gods”. The “delta is dehydrated and one might expect that there would be an upsurge of faintest flicker of revolution in the margins and crevices of the system, but the shadowy margins trails off into silence of “devoiced murmuring crowed”. If so, one might say or follow in Terry Eagleton’s byword that although “the system could not be breached; but it could at least be momentarily transgressed, probed for those neuralgic points where its authority faltered and unravelled.” Take Tosin Gbogi for his words; the “naytion” is “missing”

– Ehindola Peter

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