The “PAST”

By Ilori Oriyomi

It is when we are with the great architect of life drawing the plans of our future that the monster named PAST comes a- calling. The PAST has a big mouth, an ugly jaw and a wicked voice. His diary is filled with slips and mistakes, regrets and non-gets. He is the most pessimistic fellow ever, short of sight, full of blindness, adorned with doubt and an ambassador of impossibility. His faith is crippled and his belief systems are maimed. But his debates, his theologies, his creeds, his notions, his beliefs, his convictions, his culture are so injurious to the ear. The PAST is an evil evangelist, he wins souls and loses them to agony. He is also a devilish Pastor, he shepherds their feet to be caught in the crevices of self pity and self hurt. There is no evil teacher like the PAST who teaches the theologies of weakness and mistakes and enroll you in the seminary of self hatred until you graduate with mental blight. Such a plight! But one thing I know about THE PAST, he is always in the PAST and his position is always at the BACK. Believe me dear, the PAST has no idea about what the future hold for you. He can’t even approximate the predictions. The PAST can have the evidences of your mistakes manifesting in your present but he has no idea of the things written about u yet to be brought into light. The PAST can bring u tears and trauma in the present, but I tell you, his legs are weak to walk with u into the valleys of tomorrow. Do not listen to him. Yes, there are things you will never be able to change about your past but you can start a new chapter only if u will agree with tomorrow. All the PAST has got are the testimonies of sense but your times are in God’s hands. No matter the genuine tears u r weeping at the moment, know that the endurance of weeping can only last a night time but morning comes eventually. And when you enter your morning, your PAST will diffuse under the fiery rays of the morning sun and you will walk on his grey ashes into your JERUSALEM.

Oriyomi is a Feminist critic, who holds B.A in English. Her research interests include: Postcolonial Studies, African American Literature, Modernist Literature, Caribbean Literature. She recently did an extensive study of Psychoanalysis with fierce disposition towards Mysticism in Marie Elena John’s Unburnable

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