Alapata apata is a recent drama written by Wole Soyinka which was

launched during the Ake Arts and Books Festival which held between

Nov.19 and 24, 2013. Published by Bookcraft Limited, Ibadan. The drama

focuses on a butcher named Alaba, who decides to retire from his

trade. He adopts the habit of sitting on a rock located in front of his

house, doing more or less nothing. The drama is a strong political

satire on the contemporary Nigeria situation. The theme of the play

centers around the corruption of power, which is a universal

phenomenon, demonstrates the case of official misuse of resources for

personal enrichment. Alaba, the protagonist is a

semi-illiterate, exceptionally skilled butcher who, wishing to retire in

peace is suddenly and unceremoniously saddled with the huge task of

protecting the rights of the underclass. The conflict of the play

revolves around the rock beside Alaba’s abode on which he has chosen

to spend most of his time. The rock represents the abundance of

resources, which is a metaphor for resource control in Nigeria by the

ruling elite. The play highlights issues like political

‘godfatherism’, sycophancy and cultural alienation gnawing at the

fabric of our existence. The language use in the play is simple and the book is

laced with traces of humor.




            This review was done by Akande Omolara. She holds a B.A in English. Omolara had participated in several criticism sessions that featured authorities in literary criticism. Her area of research includes: Critical Discourse Analysis, Dialogical Analysis, Stylistics (Linguistics).



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